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An Excerpt from the Safar-nama of Nasir Khusraw

“On the first of Dhu’l-Qa’da I left Egypt and we reached the Red Sea on the eighth. From there we travelled for fifteen days by boat until we arrived at the town called Jar. It was the twenty-second of the month. From there we reached Medina in four days.


An excerpt from the Safar-nama of Nasir Khusraw:

“To reach the town of Lahsa from any direction, you have to cross vast expanses of desert. The nearest Muslim city to Lahsa that has a ruler is Basrah, and that is one hundred and fifty leagues away. There has never been a ruler of Basrah, however, who has attempted an attack on Lahsa.


The Abbasids (r. 132-656 AH / 750-1258 CE) were the third Muslim caliphate following the Umayyads and the four Rightly Guided Caliphs, al-khulafa al-rashidun. They succeeded the Umayyads around 132 AH / 750 CE as the caliphs of the (then) Muslim world.


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